CxC ROUTER: Will your Company Survive without the Internet?

The Internet is an essential company tool that provides countless benefits such as flexibility and connectivity to customers, as well as a sense of comfort. But what if the internet connection failed right in the middle of an important business deal? What if it failed during a backup of company data? How much time, resources money will be lost?

All these issues can be avoided while ensuring business continuity through Convergia's Wireless Backup Network.

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Why should your company switch to Convergia's CxC Router | Wirless Backup Solution?

  1. Network Redundancy

With a wireless connection your company can seamlessly and immediately switch from a disrupted wired connection to an always-on, high-speed, low-cost standby connection, that is activated if the primary connection fails.

  1. Low Monthly Fees

Without a secure connection, lost productivity and increased costs will happen unexpectedly and unnecessarily.

  1. No Hardware Purchase

Wired solutions offer very little improvement over time. Wired cables are subject to environmental risks and potential damage from weather, accidents and other factors.

  1. PCI/HIPPA Compliant

PCI compliance is at risk during outages, and therefore vital information may be at risk, in addition to the loss of critical in-transit data, forced rollbacks disablements, and resyncing.

Thus, the Convergia's CxC Router provides an IoT connectivity support solution for wireless networks and devices that will solve your connectivity problems and, therefore, improve the productivity and performance of your collaborators. Likewise, you will not have to worry about your information, it will be secure in our network.

Learn more about the CxC Router solution and how Convergia can help you improve connectivity and security within your organization by clicking here.