CxC SIM CARD: Connectivity anywhere in the world

Imagine a cell phone without a SIM card is the same as a car without a key, it really wouldn't work. Starting from this we can say that SIM, are smart cards that are used in phones providing us access to be able to use them.

Thus, for a device to use the mobile network, it is necessary to have a SIM. When a cell phone line is activated, the service provider joins the phone number to the SIM card, allowing you to make, receive calls and access especially mobile data.

What does the Convergia SIM Card offer you?

Connectivity, with more than 700 global cell phone operators, intelligent network selection and auto-recovery. Enjoying a strong and secure connection in all countries. In addition, Convergia offers you a single SIM operator portal Multi operator.

A SIM fully designed to work with large cellular operators through any 3G, 4G, LTE, NB, IoT, LTE-M network.

An administration platform

  • Watchdog
    Alarm with use and any rule you can create.
  • SIM lock
    Create rules to control SIM with specific devices.

Competitive advantages

  • Global coverage SIM card at local rates
  • Convergia API connectivity accelerates the integration of the SIM life cycle
  • A multicarrier Administration portal
  • No roaming charges
  • Life cycle management platform to control, inspect and order everything
  • Easy SIM inventory control
  • Secure connectivity


  • Secure Multi-Network
    Our intelligent CxC SIM will select the safest and best quality network, with the ability to change networks for better connection quality.
  • Best local rates
    We negotiate with the operators so that you don't have to do it and we deliver the billing in your local currency.
  • Personalized coverage
    We have access to multiple operators around the world, having access wherever you are.

Learn more about our CxC SIM CARD solution and improve the connectivity of your network in a safe and quality way, by clicking here.