5 Tips to Make the Most of Convergia Cloud Voice Teams

The social distance mandate that was imposed to fight the coronavirus (COVID – 19), has forced many people and companies to use different tools to keep work communications connected and controlled remotely. Without a doubt, chats, videoconferences, and audioconferences are a great technological solution to hold work meetings with coworkers and clients or to keep in to stay connected with those family members who are far away.

What is CCV TEAMS?

Convergia Cloud Voice Microsoft Teams – CCV Teams is a unified communication – UC work platform designed to improve communication and collaboration among business work teams. CCV Teams is naturally integrated with Office 365 and based on “Groups”, the cloud service developed for collaboration between users.

This tool brings together in a common space as well as the collaboration applications necessary to work as a team such as chats, videoconferences, notes, access to content, Office Online, schedulers and many more features. Currently, hundreds of different companies have discovered the multiple benefits of having this collaborative tool. Read on for five tactics that you can use to make the most of this amazing tool, and bring change to your organization.

videoconferencia con Microsoft Teams
  • Organize Team Channels

On the left panel of the Teams application, all of the Team channels are arranged alphabetically. However, if you belong to several teams, you may be overwhelmed by the number of options it offers. For this reason, we recommend that you work with Hidden Teams. This will hide the channels that are not immediately being used, thereby keeping channels focused and organized.

  • Publish to various channels

Another of the new functionalities of CCV Teams consists of writing a message on multiple channels at the same time, thereby saving a lot of time and increasing productivity. How? Just go to the channel and click on the text format button, then select the ‘Post in multiple channels.

  • Live chat

How many times have you wanted to send a message to a colleague without leaving the Teams document in which you were working? Now from the search bar, it is possible, type the person’s name with the @ in front, and then type the message you want to send and press the Enter key.

  • Search bar and commands

In the search bar, messages, people, and documents can be filtered. The command menu is also a very useful and quick option to perform certain actions such as setting the status of availability (/away, /busy, /dnd), finding recent files (/ files), going to help (/ help), and even making calls (/call).

  • Hold live events or seminars

In addition to being able to initiate voice or video calls with several people simultaneously, CCV Teams offers the function of broadcasting an event or webinar live to internal and external Teams participants. Through our platform, your organization will be able to quickly connect with a large audience, with wide-ranging scheduled live broadcasts that are recorded and can be later distributed to all participants.

There is no doubt that users can enjoy the various collaborative functions of CCV Teams simply and quickly while increasing productivity and collaboration between your coworkers and customers