Backup Solutions for your company: 5 reasons why you should have it implemented in your company

Backup Solutions for your company: 5 reasons why you should have it implemented in your company

Today we live in an era where data and information processing are entirely digitized, mainly on cloud servers. We store absolutely everything, from business proposals and presentations to spreadsheets and financial statements. In this way, it has become increasingly crucial for all companies to back up their business information. If a programme failure arises, restoring the data from the backup is a much simpler and cheaper operation than rebuilding from scratch. In the following article, we want to introduce you to a solution that will keep all your data and applications completely safe when planned or unplanned outages occur, while highlighting why Convergia’s backup system will prove highly beneficial to your company.

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The Convergia Business Continuity (CBC) Backup solution keeps business applications and workloads running during outages by backing up all your data, files, and virtual machine backups to the Azure server.

Why should you invest in a Backup system for your company?

No matter the size of the company or organization, any company can be affected and targeted by virtual attackers or malfunctions of different information systems. The following are some key reasons why having a backup system is of the utmost importance:

  1. Evolution and efficiency

Due to the diversity and constant development of backup services and technologies, it is common for infrastructure dedicated to these purposes to become rapidly obsolete. Therefore, having cloud solutions always allows you to take advantage of the latest generation systems.

  1. Maximum availability

With a cloud system, backups are available 24/7 from anywhere; it’s just a click away.

  1. Your data always ready

By replicating the data from your infrastructure to an external platform, you ensure there’s a backup available to be recovered.

  1. Ease of use

Complete cloud backup service, creating a smooth and straightforward transition.

  1. Convergia Experience

With the experience and advice of a team specialized in cloud solutions, we guarantee not only the proper functioning of the solution but also the resolution of unforeseen events and incidents that may arise.

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These are some of the many reasons why you should take a step towards digital transformation since it is imperative to prioritize the use of a backup system like ours.