Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams and the benefits of being in the Cloud


Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams is a workspace designed to optimize communication and foster collaboration between the work teams of an organization. The platform has become the central tool for intelligent communications in Office 365 thanks to the unification of multiple applications and collaborative functions within the same space.

The gradual implementation and expansion of Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams brings a number of benefits for companies. Here we tell you about some of the most important:

• Call control and PBX capabilities in Office 365

One of the main functions of Microsoft Teams is the Voice in the Cloud or Cloud Voice that it has, which provides switching center capabilities (PBX), which will allow you to have a more avant-garde communication. The telephone system that gives you your Office 365 subscription allows you to support call management features such as hold, forwarding transfer and voicemail. By properly replacing your local telephony hardware, your company’s employees can obtain complete call control from any device.

•Simplify your company’s communications management

The Convergia Cloud Voice platform for Microsoft Teams will optimize communication between the different work teams of your company with functions such as messaging, online meetings, calls and conferences. By having a centralized administration of immediate communication and connectivity, your collaborators will increase your productivity, make your collaboration much more effective and can improve joint decision making and task planning.

•Accessibility anywhere in the world

Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams has options to connect the telephone system to the public switched telephone (RTC) network, which gives users the ability to make calls to and from anywhere in the world. Its great global coverage allows instantaneously to connect collaborators from different headquarters of your organization and, expand your communication by integrating members outside your company to your meetings or calls.

There is no doubt that having a platform like Convergia Cloud Voice for Microsoft Teams in your company will bring you a great number of benefits; especially in regards to its communication functions in the Cloud. Your telephone system located in the Cloud will connect your organization, significantly improve collaboration processes and increase the productivity of all your employees.